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Friday, November 21, 2008

Yogging and sugar cookies

So, last night I had an epiphany while I was trying to run at the exercise park about 10 minutes from my apartment. I call it an exercise park because they have every kind of sport field or court imaginable (as well as a huge pool and skating rink) and it makes you feel great about the health of all Americans when you are there. Everyone is doing something active, and I especially like when I see a dad throwing a ball with his young son or daughter. It makes me think of what I want my family to be like one day. But, as I was saying, I was jogging (or I thought I was) but I could only jog for about 1/2 a mile before having to stop and walk for a while. I am considerably out of shape, but still, 1/2 a mile!! please. So, as I was walking, this older man starts jogging past me at a very slow pace. So, I decided I should try slowing down a bit. I starting jogging, and what do you know, 40 minutes and 3 miles later, I was a jogging fiend! I was able to breathe steadily the whole time and I wasn't even hyperventilating when I finally stopped! yay!! I've found my new exercise routine--haha, routine, yeah right. Instead of walking and running intermittently, i can now jog (and feel a heck of a lot better when I get home)!

So, that was last night.

Tonight I baked homemade sugar cookies. There's still time to go to the park, I guess, but it's already pitch black outside (it's freaking 6:15!!) and there were a few sketchy guys at the park last night. I need to find some kind of pepper spray necklace to wear so I can exercise when I want and not be scared.

Ugh! I need to get off my ass and go already. Okay, maybe I will. Just after one more sugar cookie.

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