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Sunday, November 30, 2008

My family makes me sick

So, the title may be a little bit misleading.

I started feeling sick on Thanksgiving day. My throat was sore and when I woke up on Friday, I had a full-blown head cold. I hate being sick but I've learned to live with it since I get sick like this about 5 times a year. That's not normal, right? Something must be wrong with me. I've probably killed too many immune cells with alcohol or something. I've been through four boxes of tissues so far and I have to get on an airplane tomorrow morning and be sick around strangers.

I decided to wait until tomorrow to go home even though I need to study for finals really bad! My dad bought me a ticket for tomorrow morning, yesterday and this morning I woke up and found two notices in my email with my confirmation number. EXCEPT the ticket said (my home city) to ATL to LGA!! I do not live in NYC, I live in Florida. I almost started crying because I LOVE New York and Christmas time in New York is pretty much the best thing ever. So, once again school has ruined my life. If I didn't have to go back home for stupid finals, I could be in New York City tomorrow around lunchtime just walking the streets, going to Chelsea Market to get fresh food and sitting in Central Park wondering where each person is going and what their life is like. BOO! On another note, I really don't know how my dad missed that, but for a second, I saw a glimmer of what my life will be like when I get my coveted degree in about 3 more years. Then I will be able to take sporadic trips (well, if I'm working part-time, which I plan to do) and i won't have to worry about being on any other schedule than mine. Ahh, sounds nice.

For now, I will focus on getting better and passing all of my exams so that I can enjoy my Christmas holiday and hopefully go skiing with my dad! I'm excited.

Just get through the next two weeks. Just get through the next two weeks. Just get through...

Oh, and in case you were wondering, nothing happened with the guy friend. We did hang out, but seeing as how I'm blowing my nose every two minutes and it sounds like a frieght train when I do, I'm not exactly appealing (to myself or others).


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