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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Movies make me happy

Don't get me wrong, I can't get the smile off my face when I'm swinging at the park or lying on the beach when the breeze is blowing just right, but watching certain movies make me really, ridiculously happy and hopeful.

P.S. I Love You is one the best recent movies. It is so inspiring in that no matter what happens, you can always find love again. And I know this is corny, but I've been seeing those Jane Seymour commercials a lot lately for Kay jewelers and her "open-hearts" collection. The slogan is something like, "If your heart is always open, it can never be broken." I love that! But, then again, I'm a sucker for any phrase like that. I must have 10 different tags from my favorite Good Earth Black Chai Tea bags on my fridge. They have the best sayings! A lot of them are funny too, like Babe Ruth, "The only superstition I have is to touch each of the bases when I make a home-run." I can't get enough. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I open them and make the tea (knowing full well that I don't want any) just to read those sayings. So, I went online to try and find one of those open-heart necklaces and they were sold out of the sterling silver one I wanted! Ugh...I was going to tell my sister to get it for me for Christmas because she never has good ideas for gifts to buy me and I was going to help her out. Now, all they have left are the diamond ones, which I don't really like, for about $200 apiece. Maybe I can find one on ebay or something. Or, I can just keep the slogan as a mantra and live without the necklace, but that is probably not a good idea because of my need for concrete reminders and "things" in my life.

Another movie that ALWAYS makes me happy is Love Actually. How could it not? It's the perfect movie. AND Serendipity AND How the Grinch Stole Christmas AND as far as comedies go, Wedding Crashers is pretty much at the top of my list. Hmm...I'm noticing a lot of these have Christmasy themes, so I guess Christmas makes me happy too.

My dad is coming to visit me tomorrow (without my mom) which I'm excited about. I just saw my family last week for Thanksgiving, but we are a very close family and they call me every day and tell me how much they miss me, so I don't care if they want to come see my every week. I'll take whatever unconditional love I can get! Plus, my mom can get a little weird after a few days of being around her, so I'm glad my dad and I get some alone time.

Christmas countdown: 18 days (dammit, I should have made one of those construction paper chains like we had as a kid)


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