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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The In-law's In-laws

My family and I are headed out to Arizona for a few days before Christmas. My brother-in-law's sister is graduating from college and we have never been out there, so we're going. The bad thing is, my brother-in-law can't be there because he's in Iraq right now. The stupid gay army! Seriously, guys, if you don't have any experience with the military, they run it like a freaking circus! He was called back in after being out for a year and a half, after serving four years, and just when he and my sister were trying for a baby. He decided to get out because of all the stupid stuff they put him through and then they called him back and there was nothing he could do (besides maybe move to Mexico). Anyway, we are flying out there today to be with his family but we're going to stop in Texas for one night tonight and then go the rest of the way tomorrow. We're flying in a small plane, so the entire flight takes about 8 hours. I have my computer, and my mom's computer (she just does crossword puzzles and reads magazines) and I'm going to watch Seasons 1, 2, and 3 of The Office on DVD on the way out there. I have probably seen all of them and repeated some as well, but it's still the most hilarious thing on t.v. (besides maybe Family Guy)! If I get tired of The Office, I'll probably take some NyQuil and call it a day.

It will probably be a little awkward out there in AZ because as I have alluded to before, my mom has some social anxiety issues and also my bro-in-law's mom is a little strange, but overall I think we will have a fun time. Plus, I will get to see some snow AND go shopping AND play with babies (they have a few in their family and we have none in ours). His family has come here to Florida two or three times, I think. Once for the wedding three years ago, once to visit and another time to contemplate moving here because the job market out there sucked. The dad is super nice but the older brother is a complete mess and the two younger siblings resemble Stepford children a little. Suffice it to say, my sarcasm will have to be on hold while I'm out there or they may just think I have completely gone off my rocker. I will have to be labeled the "quiet child" of my earlier days which I hate!! Plus, all they really know to ask me about is school and as you can tell from my earlier post below, I'm not really in the mood to talk about that right now, even though I am going back next semester (thank goodness!). I'll try to tough it out. I may carry a small flask in my purse, though, just in case.

We're getting back the 23rd and I'm not sure if I will be able to steal a minute to myself out there to blog, but when I return, I'm sure I will have some hilarious stories to tell!


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