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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A couple kiss

I went on a date on Tuesday night with this guy, J who I have known for almost two years now. I met him at church when I first moved down here but then I stopped going to all of the social events and we didn't keep in touch. Then, I went out with one of my girlfriends last week and he was at the hockey game we went to. He's very shy but his friend told my friend that he has had a crush on me for quite a while. If you're thinking this sounds too much like middle school, I assure you it was very much like middle school, but he called and asked me out the next day so I didn't really care how we got to that point. He took me to downtown Miami to this nice little French restaurant that opened out onto the street. We sat outside and had a nice dinner and glass of wine. The conversation was good, but we were sitting at a little table right across from each other so the eye contact got a little awkward at points. Since it was a Tuesday night, there weren't many people out so we walked around a bit and then decided to go rent Batman since he hadn't seen it yet. We watched it at his place since he has a Blue-Ray player and huge t.v. and I have a little toaster-sized t.v. and no cable. His roommate, who I also kind of know from church came home int he middle of the movie and just like when we had watched a movie Sunday night, he stayed and sat on the other couch and watched the rest of it with us. I didn't mind it at all, but I can't stop thinking that if he had just gone in his room, J may have at least snuggled up next to me a little and maybe tried to grab my hand. Gees, for that matter, I would have if we were still alone! But, I guess it was only the second time we had hung out alone, so I should try to slow things down a bit from the way they've been in my past relationships.
This was actually the first real "date" we had but we had spent all day Sunday together at this outdoor country concert nearby. You may have heard about how Jessica Simpson has gotten really fat lately, and I can personally attest to the fact that she has maybe gained a couple pounds, but good Lord, who hasn't gone up and down a few pounds here and there! I was standing about 20 feet away from her on Sunday and she was still super-cute! She's gorgeous no matter her size or her bad styling advice, but that's where all the bad pics of her came from--the concert I was at. Anyway, we had a blast even though I was sweating most of the time. I guess he didn't care too much since he has called me every day since then.
I just don't know how I feel about him as of now. I mean, I'm kinda lonely so I'll definitely keep hanging out with him but he's very shy and I doubt I'll even get a kiss before a couple more dates unless it comes from me. We've even drank quite a bit every time we've hung out and still, no physical contact. Whatever! My friend warned me that I would probably have to make all the moves because he's so reserved. He's funny and I have a good time when I'm with him, so I'm happy.
What do you think of Jessica??


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