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Monday, February 2, 2009

Weekend Chronicles

I guess I'm more like a guy than I want to believe I am when it comes to dating. I don't like hanging out with the same person for more than a few hours. I guess I'm just used to living alone and having my own space and doing whatever I want to do all the time. I went out with J again this weekend on Saturday and actually had a really good time!
We went to a horse race on Saturday close by and I had never been to one before. It was awesome and very crowded. We didn't bet any money, but we picked horses and told them to each other before each race started. It was also nice because the sun was shining and it was kind of cold, so I was able to wear my cute red jacket and boots, which I very seldom get to in FL. The conversation was a little slow during that part of the date, but I blame some of that on me and still being a little hungover from a 3 Doors Down concert I went to the night before. Oops.
After that, we went to see the movie "Taken" and it was so nice. We snuck in Starbucks because I needed to wake up! I ended up getting too jittery from the caffeine since I hadn't had any in a couple weeks, so I made J promise not to let me have any more while we were together. haha. I'm sure he knows I'm crazy by now, so I'll just keep saying the stupid little thoughts that come into my head to him. I also had to tell him about my mumbling and the fact that when he "can't hear what I'm saying" I'm actually just mumbling little things to myself. He actually said he does the same thing, so I was a little relieved.
This is where it gets kind of weird. I would have been fine if the date was over now, because you know, I need MY time, but I could tell he wanted to get something to eat and I really prefer eating at home to eating out so I suggested we go back to my place and cook together. It ended up being really fun mostly because we had a few too many glasses of wine. We watched a couple more movies, made out (he finally kissed me!), and fell asleep.
I normally wouldn't let a guy I went on a date with spend the night, but I've known him for a long time and we drank a lot, so I didn't think he should be driving home anyway.
We went to church together the next morning and then I had to end the date because I was getting kind of annoyed that we had a 24-hour date! I told him I had to study and I would call him later, although he wanted to still hang out. I needed time to just go online, clean my house, and relax.
Overall I had a great weekend but I hope that long date didn't give him the impression that that was how it's going to be from now on. Hopefully he doesn't think that.
In other news, the Bachelor is on tonight and despite my better judgement, I have become hooked on this season so yay! It's Monday!


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