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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Since I'm trying to be a big girl about what happened with my friend(s) last weekend, I decided to rant about it here instead of holding a grudge.

For starters, one of my good friends forgot my birthday altogether. She still hasn't acknowledged it, 3 days later. This is the same friend who I MADE DINNER FOR ON HER BIRTHDAY exactly one month ago! Cooked, bought a present for, went out to a sporting event with...on her birthday!

Moving other friend, who I consider a best friend, who planned my party with me, helped me write the facebook invitation, replied that she was (obviously) coming, had bought candles, party hats, was bringing my "birthday princess" pin that we pass around our group of friends, did not show up until my party was over.

We were planning on all riding together since she lives right beside me, but it kept getting later and later, and she still wasn't ready, so I left with some other friends, assuming she was right behind us. We get to the party location, and I get a text from her saying she wasn't feeling well and would join us a little later (an hour, tops, I'm thinking). I texted her saying 'I hope you feel better. Come when you can.' Numerous unanswered texts, from me to her, and 3 hours later, she and her boyfriend show up, drunk. (She told me she had been drinking at home, alone, and didn't want to drive to her BEST FRIEND'S party alone, so she had waited for said bf) We had already finished my cake with no candles and were getting ready to leave. Because I was having a great time already, I just let the whole situation roll of my shoulder and I danced with her a little while and then we all left to continue the party elsewhere. I was going to be the big person and not let it get to me.

Jump to today: I go on facebook to discover pictures of my friend and her bf at SOMEONE ELSE'S b-day party (it wasn't even their b-day DAY like me) the night of mine (wearing the same clothes, etc) and they were WEARING MY PARTY HATS! AND the guy whose b-day party it was was WEARING MY BIRTHDAY PRINCESS PIN!!!!!! Are you kidding me??

So, she lied to me, lied some more, and then acted like everything was fine. No apologies for being late; nothing. I don't really know where to go from here with her. Part of me just wants to write her off completely. This is not okay. But, I don't want to be that person.

Should I confront her? Ask for an explanation? I don't know. I'm at a loss here. Big time.

People are always disappointing me. I guess I just try to see the good in people, but when you look at the world that way, you are always going to get let down.

So, this was the low point of my weekend. And it was a really. low. point.


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