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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Since I am trying to be more optimistic, I will start with a list of things I am thankful for today...and then get to the list of things I am SO NOT thankful for today. Please to enjoy.

Today I am thankful that:

-I had a great ass-kicking workout with my trainer and I even rode my bike to the gym and back

-I went to class, despite seriously wanting to skip, and answered two questions correctly that the professor asked, thereby increasing my likability in his eyes, I hope

-I was able to take a hot, lavender-scented bath with lots of tea lite candles surrounding me, listening to Joshua Radin, drinking a Tuscan Orange Grapefruit Mich Ultra, after my workout

-I now have only one week until my Spring Break starts and I bought my plane tickets last night for my trip to see my best friend for a girls weekend, then go home for a few days

-It was gorgeous out today, not unlike every other day for a while now, and it was also a little cooler than the 88 degrees we've been having. Sooo nice!!

-LOST is tonight. I really shouldn't watch it because I have so much to do, but let's be honest, I'm going to anyway.

Today, I am NOT thankful that:

-My b-day is this weekend and I still haven't gotten any cards in the mail. :(

-I still haven't heard from aforementioned guy, L (sorry but I have no idea how to link to another post, so just look down), and I am more than disappointed

-After my binge-eating today I look like I'm at least 6 months pregnant. Seriously.

-I haven't even started my paper and lab report due Friday. Ouch! I see late nights and coffee in my near future

-I think I scared J away this weekend. I haven't talked to him since Sunday and it was really nice having him call me all the time there for a while. I may just have to call him up myself.

That's enough. Now it looks like my day was overall optimistic since I have more "thankfuls" than "nots."


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