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Thursday, February 12, 2009


The title was not just a reference to Grey's Anatomy, which is on tonight by the way. It's a CROSSOVER show with Private Practice. WHAT?! It better be good. I'm just saying.
No, Seriously!? was the remark I made in my head after my friend asked me a question. I haven't seen this particular friend in about 2-3 weeks and so I invited her over for dinner. I told her I would make turkey chili and asked if that was okay, to which she replied, "as long as you have lots of cheese and crackers to go with it." Okay, whatever. I'll get her some cheese and she can eat my reduced-fat Ritz. Done. This was not the problem.
Skip to today. I texted her to make sure she was still game for dinner and she said YES, and then she said, "would you mind if I take a shower at your place?" Dinner. I invited you over for dinner. I understand that you live with your Dad and two younger siblings, but come on, you have two bathrooms, two showers, running water, your own time....what the hell?
If this was an isolated incident, I might be able to just slough it off, but she has MADE THIS REQUEST BEFORE when coming over to my place as well as another request: "Do you mind if I bring my laundry over to do?" Umm, hi. I pay my own water/electricity/I DON'T WANT TO SIT HERE WHILE YOU TAKE A SHOWER/I am not your mother or parental figure! I wanted to visit with you, feed you (pretty generous, right?), and have a fun night. Maybe a movie. Maybe a glass of wine. This is not time for you to do your daily hygeine routine and catch up on chores.
Am I being unreasonable for feeling this way?? If I'm being a bitch, please somebody tell me.
And, in case you were wondering, obviously I said "yes, of course you can take a shower here. And, do you have a bodywash preference? Let me accomodate you." I am in no position to be losing friends, people.


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