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Monday, February 23, 2009

My B-day Weekend

I am now officially one year older. I had such a great birthday weekend! We had a party planned for Saturday night at an ice skating rink and the adjacent bar/grill. There was a big turnout and a lot of my friends brought other friends, which made it so much more fun!

We decided to drink a little first and then go skating, you know, to make it more interesting! I had two beers and a birthday shot of lemon drop and I was ready to go! My skating tactic is to go as fast as I can, without falling. I never did and I bet if there was a speedometer on my person, it would have read at least 15 mph! Actually, only one guy in our group fell at all. I was getting pretty sweaty from all the skating and it was getting late, so we decided to go back over to the bar and have some cake that we brought from home. By then, the live band had started and they were sooo good! They played a huge variety of songs and although they were an unlikely group (all older, one blonde female lead singer and a big black guy on the guitar), they were terrific! We ate cake and I blew out my matchbook that was lit on fire (there were no candles due to my best friend not showing up yet with them...sore subject!). After one more drink, the group split up and some people went to a country bar across town, while a few of my friends and I went back to my place to continue the party. We had some more drinks and listened to music and watched funny youtube videos on my slow computer. I finally got to bed around 4 or 5 in the morning.

It was such a great day! I even met a new potential guy. More on that later!


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